Rebuilding Your Connective Tissue 

Julie Mitchell (see also Additional Support Supplements) provided the following recommendations for rebuilding your connective tissue.

Select a bone broth recipe from the Weston A. Price Foundation

Pick any recipe, be it beef, chicken or fish and also add:
*Astragalus root  

Shitake mushroom or *ganoderma mushroom

*Julie can provide these if you cannot find them.

Lots of garlic.

Once the broth is done, you can strain out all veggies/meats/bones etc and freeze in small containers to warm as needed adding fresh veggies as wanted or just use an ice cube tray and drink a cup as wanted.

Other suggestions are fresh herbal teas using any of the following:

Nettle, red raspberry, echinacea, lemon balm, bee balm, tulsi, roses, a bit of comfrey, peppermint- whatever you have growing in your garden.

Foodwise, think in terms of vitality and rejuvenation and suggestions given to the vitality in the elderly.

This taken from Paul Pitchford's Healing with Whole Foods:

  1. Avoid overeating.
  2. Do not eat late at night. Eat the last meal of each day as early as possible- it should be small in size and nourishing.
  3. Avoid sudden, extreme diet changes.
  4. Foods should be easily digestible.
  5. Avoid weakening foods and restrict cooling foods. Examples of weakening foods include:
    1. refined sugar and its products
    2. coffee and alcohol
    3. too much salt
    4. highly processed foods
  6. Cooling foods such as raw veggies, fruits and juices (only appropriate for use in excess or heat issues)
  7. Add organic minerals such as seaweeds: kelp, kombu, wakame, ( blue green algae is contraindicated, according to Paul, for thin, frail and cold people), wheat-grass.
  8. Sprouts of grains, legumes, seeds.
  9. Those who tend to be dry and thin should eat foods which improve yin - moistening and fluid metabolism: millet, barley, black soybeans, mung beans, seaweed, spirulina or chlorella , black sesame or flax, walnuts, almonds, avocados and coconut (!!yes), sardines, eggs. Avoid v. hot spices.  Honey and other bee products are good: pollen, royal jelly. Fermented dairy products.

Silicon/Zinc/Selenium/Alpha Lipoc Acid/Glucosamine/B vits/ Vit C/Vit E
This are other supplements that can help. However, please read from Buhner's book and see about dosage and contraindications.


Detoxification Soak :

A drawing, deep-cleansing soak for sweating out impurities. Good to do before sleep, this soak uses significantly more ingredients than the other soaks.

1/4 cup sea salt

1/4 cup baking soda

1/8 cup clay

1/4 cup epsom salts

1/4 cup borax

1/4 cup sesame oil

3 drops thyme essential oil

Combine salts, baking soda, clay and borax, add and mix the sesame oil in thoroughly, then drop and mix in the thyme essential oil. Pour entire mixture into the bath water and soak for at least a half hour. Makes enough for 1 strong treatment.

Detoxification Supplements 

Activated Charcoal:
Cheap and will help absorb impurities as you dump toxins. Take anytime feeling toxic and remember that your stools will be blackened.

Chlorella: from Biotics Research  Helps the body get rid of toxins and heavy metals.  May take anytime feeling toxic or at night before bed to help pull the toxins out while sleeping. Especially if you are feeling lousy upon waking. 

HMD Heavy Metal Detox  A gentle chelator.

Detoxamin Suppositories.  Help remove heavy metals while sleeping.

StemTech  Blue Green Algae.  Helps promote adult stem cell formation and neurotransmitters and boost the immune system.

Probiotics: Friendly bacterias for your intestinal track.  Very important for everyone, but especially if you are on antibiotics.

Pain Relief/Dealing with Herxing 

  • Detox bath soaks as needed.
  • Homeopathic Remedy: Hypericum 30c or higher.
  • High Doses of  Buffered Vitamin C. Up to 3,000mgs.  3 x per day or as tolerated.
See a Homeopath or Naturopathic physician for help to treat pain and discomfort naturally.

Additional Support Supplements 

Julie Mitchell  Julie is an herbalist located in Bristol, Vermont with a specialty in Lyme Disease Treatments.  She works closely with the Lyme Literate Doctor in our area and customizes herbs to fit your needs and budget.  Contact her by email or at (802) 349-2544. 

Chinese Herbs and Acupuncture   These can be extremely helpful in your treatment and recovery plan.   After my year of successful antibiotic treatment, my Lyme doc recommended GU, a combination of ancient Chinese herbs.  For more information, read an article on GU by Heiner Fruehauf For ordering GU or to learning more about it, visit

Tim Scott provides a variety of additional Lyme-related herbal remedies at Green Dragon Botanicals.

Far-Infrared Saunas and the New AMETHYST BIO-Mat  Portable sauna's or home units are available for around $250-$300 dollars.   Deep, penetrating heat that can heat up your core body temperature which kills off the bacterias.  Great for detoxing and for easing discomfort of joint pain.  The BIO-MAT is more penetrating than the far infrared sauna.  It is also much more expensive (around $1,500), but you may schedule an appointment to use one if you know a distributor.  In the Burlington, Vermont area, contact Inner Health Resources.

INDIGO BioFeedback System : The most comprehensive biofeedback system on the market today.  It can simultaneously detect and record information about the patient's  stress reactions.  It can also send signals to measure and record electro-physiological reactions to a multitude of items, re-educate certain muscles, nerves or organs, or it can retrain areas of the body/mind to healthier patterns.  In other cases, it can invert certain signals which seem to be closely associated with a stress pattern.  In the Burlington, Vermont area, contact Inner Health Resources.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber:    Hyperbaric chambers have been reported to significantly reduce Lyme symptoms and in some cases completely cure Lyme.  Oxy-Health offers portable hyperbaric chambers for rental or purchase.

Massage : I get some sort of massage or deep-tissue body work every week. Very important to stimulate the lymph and move out the toxins.  My favorite massage gal is Jen Brochu in North Ferrisburg, Vermont, owner of Soul Soothing Massage (802) 363-6434.

Yoga & Meditation:  During the healing process it is very important that you calm your nervous system.  Those of you struggling know how "revved-up" Lymies can get.  Lyme Rage is common and difficult to control under the stress of Lyme.  My all time favorite yoga teacher is Heidi Bock of Satya Yoga

Spa Treatments  such as at the Absolute Wellness Healing Spa in South Burlington, Vermont. Owner Coleen Hartford offers a variety of health plans, individualized to fit your needs. She has cured herself and many others of Lyme naturally through eating the correct foods for your blood type and more. The spa is a lovely environment and has some unique equipment to help you heal.